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5 Tips for driving trouble free this winter! For Colder Climates.

Posted by Kevin
in Blog
on 17 October 2013
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Many of you often hear other people say you can't drive your car or truck with air suspension in the winter.

Here are 5 handy tips to getting you through even the coldest winter trouble free.

1 - Drain your tank(s) of excessive moisture build up. When was the last time you drained your tank(s)? The easier it is to drain, the more likely you are to do it. Let's face it, we are all lazy and have better things to do then maintenance. Have you ever considered running a length of the line from the bottom of your tank, outside your vehicle with a solenoid you could open from the comfort of your own seat? This may be fun and easy to do.

2 - Add a water separator between your compressor and air tank.  This will not catch all the moisture or eliminate the need to drain your tank but it does help. Plus it will allow you to see how much water collects at different times of the year depending on the humidity and weather.

3 - Use Air Brake Anti Freeze or Methyl Hydrate. Where do you get it? Of course, we have it. We are Canadian, it gets cold here 5 months of the year. Safety- Methyl Hydrate is flammable. Be careful when storing it. It also has a low freezing point and is suitable for de-icing applications, but it is not an anti-freeze for diesel fuel. It should not be added to diesel fuel or used as a fuel.

4 - Try a blow dryer. Steal your sister's hair blower and put it in your car. You never know when it may get you out of a jam. Plus your sister will spend months looking for it.

5 - Air Dryers may be an option. Not in common, but they are available. Used mostly in the trucking and RV world. Most OEM car manufacturers work the desiccant air dryer onto the compressor itself. Air Dryers remove the moisture from the air before it reaches the solenoids.  As the industry evolves, these will be used more when the prices come down.

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