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Suspension Specialists

Tel: (416) 396-3572

Time really depends on the type of suspension being installed, as well as the details and testing. We generally will spend 3-4 Days to do most cars, and 7-10 days on trucks or cars with 4 link suspensions.

Custom work - Like trucks, or detailed suspension will take longer.

As a Canadian company specializing in Air Suspension, most vehicles are daily driven. Quality components and many small installation details will make for a reliable year round ride. A big portion of the modern vehicles on the road today are on some form of Air Suspension.

Front end alignment is set at highway ride height. Actually alignment is easier to maintain with an air suspension than with a conventional suspension because you are able to compensate for any varying loads that would cause a conventional suspension to sag and loose alignment. Your alignment setting will obviously change when you deflate the suspension to lower it for parking, etc. but will return when the vehicle is returned to its highway ride height.