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Suspension Specialists

Tel: (416) 396-3572

AirAssisted is the go to shop for all of my air ride needs. From the customer service to the quality of work, there’s no doubt in my mind that they should be the only shop that comes up when going for any air ride related work. Pricing, quality, reliability and timing are all satisfied when I put my car in their capable hands. Kevin is someone I go to anytime I have any questions about a certain build or project and he’ll be more than happy to sit down and talk it over with you so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. He’ll take the idea you have in your mind and make it happen.


He’ll walk you through the planning process so that nothing is overlooked and everything is accounted for so nothing is left to chance when you want it just right. Parts are ordered and shipped all in a timely manner. Any hiccups or issues are immediately addressed and resolved. The quality of parts from bags to fittings are top notch. And building within a budget is something they can definitely do! At the end of the day, anyone can install struts, bags, run air line and plug in some wires. What truly separates AirAssisted from other shops is their build quality and custom craftsmanship. Installs are done clean. Wiring is neatly tucked, airlines are securely fastened and any hardware is installed with confidence. When all is said and done, and the car finally bites the big one; I’ll know that the air ride system installed by AirAssisted will still be fully functional.

Ian UU